Lagos, Nigeria

Studio Institute Global has had an exciting year abroad! Last summer, we welcomed 20 creative professionals from Nollywood (Nigeria’s Film Industry). Attendees flew to Los Angeles to participate in a two-week film intensive where they collaborated with students from around the world – with us they networked with industry leaders, collaborated on short films, and garnered a strong foundation for Hollywood’s standard of production. Bridging the gap between these film industries was an amazing opportunity, and we could not be happier with the results it produced.

This year, five of the projects created at Studio Institute’s Los Angeles campus premiered at AFRIFF, the Africa International Film Festival. To celebrate this achievement, three of our Studio Institute team members traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to experience the festival, see all that Nollywood has to offer, and host an acting workshop with 50+ of the film festival attendees.

The collaboration with Africa this year has been incredible and we look forward to having more Nollywood professionals join us for future Hollywood In Focus professional development intensives!

The Studio Institute Global films that participated in AFRIFF this year were Grief, Different Plains, Phobus, Chameleon, The Heist and Otumokpo (see below).