Electronic Music Session 4: Drum Programming for Electronic Music

There is no question that Drums are the most significant part of any dance music track. If the drums are off, the tune simply doesn’t work.

We are fortunate to have enlisted renowned producer Flinch to show us how he goes about creating drums for his many projects. He has experience making D&B, Dubstep, Bass Music, House music, and any other permutation imaginable, and will be showing us his techniques for making fantastic, genre-appropriate drum parts.

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Up Next - Drum Programming for Electronic Music
  • Flinch
Date(s) June 2nd
Day(s) Tue  
Time(s) 7 pm to 10 pm
Location Los Angeles Center Studios
Course Fee $100

Guest Artist


Los Angeles based beat maker Adam Glassco, better known as Flinch, is no stranger to the EDM world. A veteran producer who has progressed effortlessly from his beginnings in drum & bass and then electro, to current endeavors into jump-up and deeper, more melodic synth-based dubstep. The succession of sounds Flinch adheres to reflects a new breed of artists distinguished most by his ability to marry a massive, tear-out bassline with a melody that could serenade your grandmother, or create tracks that pair careful grit & distortion with catchy songwriting. A true tastemaker, Flinch consistently delivers a wide selection of cuts riding between the UK funky, club, moombahton, techno, garage, and dubstep genre lines. There is an undeniable buzz in the bass music world for Flinchʼs recent productions on labels like SMOG and Trouble & Bass records, but most notably the massive “World On Fire,” which has often been championed by Skrillex, 12th Planet, and Datsik and is making a huge impact with audiences worldwide.


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