Hollywood in Focus: Africa

Studio Institute Global and [email protected], a partnership of the U.S. Department of State's Office of Global Partnerships (S/GP), have partnered on HOLLYWOOD IN FOCUS, an innovative mentoring initiative connecting storytellers from around the world with leading U.S. entertainment professionals through professional mentorships, workshops and master classes.

About the Program

Selected participants will travel to Los Angeles to work on an active production lot, completing a set of projects with a team of American mentors and receive state-of-the-art training and industry access in a two-week adult intensive in Los Angeles. The utmost goal of HOLLYWOOD IN FOCUS is to support conceptual development of independent, authentic and compelling content for distribution in their home countries and foster creative cross-pollination between filmmakers from diverse countries, alongside budding American filmmakers, actors and performing artists.

The program will run in Los Angeles in Summer 2017, from June 5-16, 2017. Participants will engage on a short film project about the growing African innovation and technology-driven entrepreneurship ecosystem.

All nominees must submit required materials through the online submission form to Studio Institute Global by May 20, 2017.


Studio Institute Global Workshops' HOLLYWOOD IN FOCUS participants must be citizen residents of a country in the continent of Africa.

To be eligible, applicants must submit information about a project currently in development that addresses an issue of local importance. Submitted projects may be narrative fiction or documentary feature films, television, web-based series or innovative short form content and may be of any genre including comedy and drama.

Qualified applicants must have at least one produced or acting credit (in film, television, and/or serial web content) as writer, producer, director or actor. Candidates may apply as individuals or as two to three person creative teams comprising writers, directors and producers only. Preference will be given to creative teams, but individuals will also be considered and are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Applications to Studio Institute Global Workshops' HOLLYWOOD IN FOCUS will be considered by nomination only. Studio Institute Global will contact nominees with instructions and a link to an online submission form.

All participants should choose an area of interest: DIRECTING, SCREENWRITING, PRODUCING, EDITING, or ACTING FOR THE CAMERA.

Deadline for Submissions

All nominees must submit required materials through the online submission form to Studio Institute Global by May 20, 2017.

For inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Program Dates

Selected participants must attend the full length of the program in LA from JUNE 5 to 16, 2017.

About the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships (S/GP)

The Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships (S/GP) is the entry point for creative collaboration between the U.S. Department of State, the public and private sectors, and civil society. Launched in 2009, S/GP aims to strengthen and deepen U.S. diplomacy and development around the world through partnerships that leverage the creativity, innovation, and core business resources of partners for greater impact.

S/GP is working with partners across sectors, industries, and borders to promote economic growth and opportunity; to invest in the well-being of people from all walks of life; and to make democracy serve every citizen more effectively and justly.

S/GP’s mission is to build public-private partnerships that strengthen diplomacy and development outcomes by serving as:

  • Convener, bringing together people from across regions and sectors to work together on issues of common interest.
  • Catalyst, launching new projects, actively seeking new solutions, and providing vital training and technical assistance to facilitate additional projects.
    Collaborator, working closely with our partners to plan and implement projects while avoiding duplication, learning from each other, and maximizing our impact by looking for best practices.
  • Cultivator, nurturing innovative new partnerships by providing the space, access to networks and capital, and mentoring assistance to turn a good idea into reality.

[email protected] was launched by public and private sector organizations that recognized the need for coordination and collaboration around Africa’s growing technology services sector, and the Africa.co platform is tailored to enhance the startup and innovation ecosystems of African economies. As the continent’s educated and affluent population expands through this growth, the global business community is looking to capitalize on the increase in human and financial resources in the region. The awakening of the African economy provides an opportunity for global and African entrepreneurs and enterprises to forge partnerships for mutual benefit.

[email protected] promotes the 4C’s of engagement:

  • CAPACITY, Strengthening the capacity of African entrepreneurs and innovators to compete in the global marketplace through training, business exchanges, and competitions.
  • CONNECTIVITY, Providing a platform for the most innovative companies from across Africa to showcase their products and announce to Africa and the world what they have developed.
  • CREDIBILITY, Launching an awareness-raising campaign to bring credibility to Africa’s emerging innovation and startup ecosystem.
  • CAPITAL, Driving investment from both local and international private capital sources to small and growing enterprises across multiple sectors.

About the African Technology Foundation

The African Technology Foundation (ATF) exists to globalize African technologies and introduce global technologies to the African ecosystem. To achieve this, we support a broad range of initiatives around key economic sectors including media and entertainment, and we are committed to providing African media professionals with the necessary knowledge and resources that empower them to tell global stories, collaborative with global partners and raise the economic profiles of their communities, municipalities and countries. Our partnership with Studio School will ensure that this generation of media entrepreneurs will be equipped with the skills and resources to fully operate across the Entertainment and Media (E&M) value chain, locally and globally. Their interactions with Hollywood stakeholders will provide unique opportunities for creative collaborations and trans-national content production, and create enabling platforms for a number of parallel business opportunities.

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