Why Studio Institute Global

Studio Institute Global offers the first programs of their kind to be green-lit by a MAJOR HOLLYWOOD STUDIO and operated from an active PRODUCTION LOT. Uniquely positioned to offer content at the cutting edge of industry standard, we empower mentorship between established entertainment professionals and aspiring talent. With us, the future of Hollywood and the greater film community is set on an unparalleled path for success. Our educational platform, from which each and every one of our programs is built, celebrates and instills the core practices of today’s industry:

  • Respect and aptitude for cross-disciplinary COLLABORATION offering real-world understanding of how many people are responsible for production, and how.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP as the central pillar for success in a largely freelance industry.
  • Instruction from INDUSTRY INSIDERS – individuals working in the field today who can offer cutting edge knowledge in this ever-changing technological field.
  • A keen understanding of what it takes to create informed, transformational, and economic SELF-PRODUCED CONTENT. A prowess that is proving to solidify more and more careers across modern Hollywood’s slate.

Through our professional development programs, we export HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION BEST-PRACTICES to both burgeoning and thriving film markets worldwide.