Top Five Reasons

  1. Online digital content creation for all disciplines. Digital content is re-shaping entertainment, changing the way we create, share and experience. We believe in an education that not only informs students about the future, but actually prepares them to thrive in it. In our workshops, you’ll create short-form, original content. We champion learning how to conceptualize, construct and market your projects to the world – so that you aren’t just working toward a reel or portfolio, but an industry-level reel or portfolio. We’ll help you define your own brand and create your own channel.
  2. Studio partnerships/industry access. What do partnerships with major film, tv, and media studios mean? It means access and opportunities for students like never before. In addition to special events & guest speakers, you’ll be introduced to the larger entertainment network of Studio Institute – an invaluable chance to spotlight your projects, network, and develop as a creative professional.
  3. Workshops taught by leading Hollywood professionals. Our instructors are more than just educators; they’re accomplished working filmmakers, actors, dancers, producers and more with a passion for what they do and for shepherding in the next generation of artist entrepreneurs. Our approach employs hands-on techniques and first-person experiential training that is reminiscent of the apprenticeship style-learning prevalent in Hollywood’s golden age. We provide an invaluable resource to you through access to first-hand insights on the industry.
  4. Team + Mentor Approach. We believe in learn then do – lessons followed by hands-on application of new techniques. You won’t be thrown in and expected to figure it all out on your own. We focus on each student’s needs. We adapt to different personalities and creative goals in order to offer support with the right mentors and teachers. Collaboration is a key element in all of our programs. You’ll learn the dynamics of creative teamwork, and inspire others while they inspire you.
  5. Invitation to all Hollywood Insider Series events. Scheduled periodically throughout the year, these events can be anything from panel discussions to hands-on master classes that are lead by some of the industry’s most successful professionals. All current students and alumni are invited to join these events – offering attendees an unparalleled first-hand look at filmic and artistic achievement.